Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Olympic Pictograms in 3D!

Year 3 & 4 students were challenged with this art task. I got the idea from a book. Our focus was the 2012 Olympics and I wanted the students to embark on the challenge of drawing the human body. Using pictograms was perfect. I printed copies of different Olympic sports for them to copy from. Firstly they needed to draw the first copy in their visual diaries.Then they traced 3 copies on separate A4 white paper.They then coloured their figure using Olympic colours. I stressed that precise colour needed to be applied.They used Crayola pencils and colour sticks. Once completed they started to layer parts of their Olympic bodies.They glued foam in between layers.The project was finished by adding an illustrated background. Most were successful. It took longer than expected but overall I was pleased with the outcome.Well done to everyone!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Artwork for a book of poems! Year 5

I met Ray Mc Alary a poet who is writing a book to raise funds for the local Fire Brigades. He asked me to to include my student's artwork. So of course I jumped at the opportunity. My year 5 students read  various poems including: Around the Campfire
It's a cool Winter's night, the air is so still,
My friends and I camp on the ridge,
By the light of the moon we can see the next hill
And below there's the river and bridge.

We build up the fire with timber that's dry,
We'll need to keep warm through the night,
I look up above at the clear starry sky
Then back at the embers so bright.

We cook up some food, a big pot of stew,
Potatoes we place in hot coals,
I love meals like this, I've had quite a few,
The smell of the food warms our souls.

When the food is all gone it is time for a song
While the billy boils gently away,
Our favourite songs we will sing loud and long,
A beautiful end to the day.

We hear the night birds as they call to their mates
And the sounds of the possums above,
It's time to forget all our fears and our hates,
This is the time that we love.

The great Aussie bush is a wonderful place
To relax with a close group of friends,
As the warmth of the fire takes the cold from your face
It's a comfort that just never ends.

Ray McAlary
Copyright © 17 July 1999

They responded to the poems by drawing in pencil. Most of the poems depicted the Australian climate.

 Some students found drawing trees a little challenging. I was very pleased with their persistence and the results were very pleasing. Well done everyone!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trees! Years 1 & 2

Students from Years 1 and 2 have enjoyed a unit on trees. I can't recall on what art blog I got the ideas for the trees in this photo, but I absolutely loved them and thought I'd try them out. The children enjoyed the task.

The blossom trees are one of my old favourites because it is an art task achievable for any year level. These trees below, have been created by Year 2 students. Aren't they beautiful?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Farm

The students in Prep have been learning about the farm all of term 3. So in the art room I painted a large farm mural. My intention was for the students to learn how to draw a basic chicken and a cow. This was an explicit lesson although most students added their personal touches. The students used coloured markers. After 2 grades completed and cut out their animals, the mural was pretty much full, so I will have to paint another mural for the other 2 grades of Preps.

Here are some the Prep farm animal drawings up close. I asked the other 2 grades to practise and they had the choice to bring their drawings home. Next week we will create another farm mural.