Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grand Art Show Opening

Year 5 Circular Painting - It's our 90th Birthday

What an amazing opening!  We had many families view the Art Show.  The positive responses were overwhelming.  So many parents introducing themselves to me and saying how much their children loved Art.  One parent congratulated me on bringing out her children's artistic talent.  Another parent said that if her child decided to become an artist above all other professions she would be the happiest women in the world.  Well, I was deeply touched and all the hard work was absolutely worth it. I was very proud!  Anyway, here are some shots for you to enjoy.  Cheers Anna:)

Year 4 Modigliani Portraits in oil pastels

Year 3 Line Designs

Year 3/4 Melbourne Project

Year 3 - Luna Park
Year 4 - Melbourne Trams - Paper mosaic
Year 4 - Art Centre - Paper mosaic

Year 4 - Melbourne Icons - White Oil Pastels and Watercolour

Year 4 - Melbourne Trams - Paper Mosaics

Year 5/6 - Indigenous Art - Wandjina

Year 5 - Landscapes - Watercolour

Year 1 - Japanese Blossoms - Ink Blowing and Finger Painting

Year 1 - Rainbow Fish Mural

Year 1 - Newspaper Elephants

Year 1/2 - Under the sea

Preps - Farm Animals

Prep - Astronauts - Printing and Drawing

Year 5/6 - Paper Leadlight Landscapes

Year 2 - Pandas - Paintings

Year 5/6 Pointilism Landscapes

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fantastic website!

Came across this fantastic website.  I would imagine that my colleagues in the States would already know about this fabulous site.  It has many fantastic lessons and some unique ideas that I've never seen before.  Check it out http://www.dickblick.com/lesson-plans/.  Can't wait to explore it!  Anna:)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Essendon North Primary School's 2010 Art Show.

Oh boy!  This is a very exciting and busy time for me.  I'm preparing the mammoth task of setting up the 2010 Art Show.  I will be displaying over 1000 pieces of art work in our brand new gym.  I'm feeling a little more at ease now, because luckily we have some very talented staff who have helped me set the structure of the art show.  Today my colleague and I spent 2 hours after school putting up art work.  I plan to stay back every night including the weekend to get it looking just right.

The opening of the Art Show is particularly exciting this year because we are celebrating 90 years the school has been operating.  The Parents and Friends have organised festivities.  Again we are very lucky that we have such a supportive parent community.

I will soon post photos of the Art Show to share with everyone.  Anna:)