Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Milky Way - Preps

This activity was very quick but effective.  This term the Preps have been learning about Space.  Using white and gold gel pens on black A4 cover paper, the children illustrated some wonderful art work.  Before commencing the activity we spoke about detail and what it should look like.  Their knowledge and awareness of Space is present in their amazing drawings.  This piece will be placed in their classroom portfolios.  Well done Preps!

Sock Monkeys - Year 6

Here we go again!  Year 6s have been having loads of fun making Monkeys out of a pair of socks.  This years Grade 6 students have very good sewing skills, therefore the monkeys are travelling along well.  Some students have made simple clothing.  The year is coming to an end quickly so I don't think they'll get the clothes made in time. Oh well, they still look very cute...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Year 5 - Jackson Pollock

Abstract Impressionism

I was really keen for my Year 5 students to learn about Jackson Pollock.  We briefly looked at Pollocks biography and some of his most famous artwork.  The students were fascinated by his style.  I encouraged them to mix their own colours and then gave them the opportunity to explore techniques on achieving an abstract work.  The results were very pleasing.  Take a look!

Scary Like Tim Burton

Year 3/4

This was such a fun activity!  The students are absolutely loving the Tim Burton Unit.  I saw this idea at another school in my area.  Although theirs was a Halloween theme, I encouraged my students to create a scary scene making sure to incorporate Burton's style.  
I started off squirting lots of coloured ink onto the children's A3 pieces of white cover paper.  The fun part was using a straw, they had to blow and create a scary sky.  I loved observing the unpredictability of where the ink was going to end up.  Once the students were happy with their skies, then using a black fine liner or marker, they began illustrating their scary scene.  This activity was a great success and it was completed in one session.  Excellent!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tim Burton Unit - Year 3/4

After viewing the amazing Tim Burton Exhibition in October at ACMI (Australian Centre of the Moving Image) Federation Square, Melbourne, the Year 3/4 teachers were inspired to develop an integrated unit.  Both the Performing and Visual Arts program were also invited to take part in this project.  I jumped at the opportunity even though I felt unsure how I was actually going to tackle this challenging task. The students are working on developing a short movie with a Tim Burton influence, incorporating a Water theme.  So in Visual Arts they will be working on making 3D creatures and in Performing Arts they will film their movies.  In their classrooms, they have been writing scripts and making back drops. The short movies will be showcased at this year's Art Show. 

In the art room, we began looking at all things Tim Burton.  We discussed and viewed his scary but quirky style.  The students were asked to draw a Tim Burton scene in their Visual Diaries.  Have a look at these amazing illustrations. 

Weird 3D creatures coming soon!!!!

Fish Bowls - Year 1

I found this great idea from and it was perfect for the Year 1 students who have been learning about Sea Creatures. Decorating the paper plates with oil pastels was the easy part.  The challenging part for the students was working with Magic Clay, a white soft material that is absolutely fantastic.  We added colour to the Magic Clay by simply making marks with coloured markers.  Then the students worked the dough.  I demonstrated how to make a simple fish shape.  The 3D fish created by the students were amazing. They added googly eyes to their very unique fish.  We glued coloured sand. Fantastic result Year 1s!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Kip' - Year 2s

Kip' - Christina Booth
Australian Illustrator and Author

'Across the story bridge' (Book Week 2010)

My Year 2 students enjoyed reading 'Kip', one of the books shortlisted this year.  The story was about Mrs Bea's rooster, Kip, who discovered he had a pretty annoying crow. All the neighbours complained. So one day Mrs Bea decides to take Kip away to the country.  Well, there was silence back in the neighbourhood but surprisingly the neighbours missed Kip, and paid him a visit in the country.  
After attending a fantastic workshop based on Book Week, I picked up this fun but challenging idea of making 'Kip' the rooster. 
We used cardboard cones, stockings, pipe cleaners, corrugated card, feathers and googly eyes.  We used PVA glue and staplers to secure feathers and pipe cleaners.
The results were very pleasing.  

Well done Chloe!

Fantastic Mia!