Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We have chicks in the art room!

PREP Art work.
       Every Prep class has just had baby chicks hatch. It's very exciting! 
                           So I decided to tie into the art program.
                 We first used blue and green crayon to shade the background.
We used sponges and warm yellow to paint the bodies of the chicks. The goal here was to create the 'fluffy' effect by dabbing the paint.
 Once dry, the students added detail using black markers and orange crayon.

                                        I absolutely love them... great job Preps!

A Great Success!

We had a very successful Africa Day. We raised $930.00. This money will go directly to an orphanage in Kampala, Africa. 

 Our completed hut. We used this for Africa Day..
 This is a very proud group of students who created an amazing African poster.