Thursday, August 18, 2011

City Scape Reflections - Year 2

Thanks to I found this wonderful project. It suited my students because they have been looking at all types of housing and shelters. Our theme in the art room has mainly been the city. So this activity was perfect. My students' drawing skills have improved immensely. Their drawings are much more detailed.
We started by painting our wonderful backgrounds. We used tempera warm colours paints for the sky and cool colours for the river. On separate printing foam boards, the students drew their amazing city scenes using lead pencils. They then rolled black paint on their boards and printed on the top half of their art work. They then turned their boards upside down and printed their reflections. It was priceless to see the reactions on my students faces when they witnessed their amazing results. Well done!

Winter Blossom Trees - Year 3/4

It's bitterly cold here in Melbourne, so I decided to focus on winter trees. I normally like to make sure that my students are aware of how a tree should look like. Ink blowing is fantastic because it's unpredictable and the trees end up looking realistic. 
We started by creating a cool watercolour background. Once dry, I squeezed ink and the children blew their tree designs. Once dry, they added snow by applying soft white oil pastel and then painted dainty pink blossoms. The trees look mystical and very wintery.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peter Diem Cows - Prep

Thanks to Jacquelien from Kid's Artist, I discovered Jim Diem and his wonderful and quirky cows. So I decided to challenge my young Prep students and did a very similar activity. This lesson was very explicit in that I had to give them step-by-step instructions, all the way through. They enjoyed it and the results were amazing. So colourful and full of personality. I just love them!