Friday, October 28, 2011

Cardboard Marionettes inspired by Joel Henriques

This term the Year 1 and Year 2 students are learning about toys. Well, I did think to myself how on earth I was going to come with 11 weeks worth of toy making. So I wanted to make a basic marionette puppet and came across Made by Joel and found this simple but fantastic idea. I absolutely love this website, it has some amazing ideas. Anyway, the children loved the activity, because it was simple yet very effective. They added other parts to their marionettes and we used corrugated cardboard. It was a great success. The pleasing part was seeing them play with them outside in the playground.

More Monkeys - Year 6

OK, so now I'm really impressed with the latest sock monkeys that are coming through. Some students chose to take them home to work on. I'm so very proud of my students and it has been wonderful to see the talent shine, especially from the students who never speak and just get on with the job. Absolutely extraordinary..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

There's Monkey Business in the Art Room!

 It has now become a tradition that every year our Year 6 students make sock monkeys. The process in making the sock monkeys is quite lengthy and some students lose interest. Most enjoy the experience and even go a step further in making their own cool clothes. Somehow though I start off with 50 needles and end up with just over 20. Next year I will purchase all the the socks, I found that having to rely on students to bring in their socks delayed the starting of the project.