Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Pigs - Preps

I absolutely love these pigs! These amazing drawings are created by my Prep students. I was trying to teach the students that just by positioning the eye balls in certain positions in the eyes, you can achieve personality in your drawings. We used A4 white cover paper and oil pastels. I guided the students and the results were once again, amazing... such talented students!

Winter Trees - Year 3/4

I saw a similar Art activity on a blog and changed it a little. We used oil pastels and basically drew organic lines for the background, moon and sky. Using black for the for ground looks very effective against the cool colours. The objective of this activity, was to encourage the students to draw an interesting tree and also to focus on colour. Result... outstanding!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Traditional Chinese Landscapes - Year 5

Ok, so I like Asian Art! I have posted a few different Asian Art ideas. I remember when I was in High School, I painted something similar. This was very challenging for the students. I guided them in how to draw the Chinese Temple. Most of my students were pleasantly surprised, even though they were extremely challenged. Rather than using watercolour, we used chalk pastel. So once the students outlined their pencil drawing with a black Sharpie, they added colour. For an added feature, we added ink and the students used the paint blowing technique to add a tree. I would've liked to see more trees on the right side of the temple, reaching the roof. Overall the result was very good. Well done Year 5s!

Finger Painted Chickens - Preps

The Prep students have been learning about Farm Animals as part of their Integrated Unit. So in Art we finger painted chickens using a pale yellow and orange. My intent was to teach the kids that it is quite simple to create chickens in different positions. My delivery of the lesson was explicit. After we painted the first chicken, they got the hang of it and continued to create their own. We then used the back of the paint brush to paint the beaks and legs. Once dry, we then added detail by using a black Sharpie. 

These wonderful Art works make me smile. They are so very delightful. Well done Preps!