Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Uganda Project

I embarked on this project for a very special reason. My friend Victor is part of http://www.kwaya.org/. Kwaya is an amazing non profit organization that assist Indigenous communities around the world. In September, 40 Australians will be visiting Kampala, Uganda and spend 2 weeks working with a school that give children from slums various opportunities including joining a children's choir. Victor was seeking help to raise funds and of course I jumped at the opportunity for my students to be involved with this special project. We are learning about the art of Africa and we are also learning about the difficulties children in Kampala face day to day. The students are very caring and together with our Junior School Council we are planning an African Day where we will be raising money, having an African Art Show, dancing and singing to African music and much more. I am very exciting and nervous at the same time. Have a look at out evolving Art room..
           Year 5 African Masks
Year 1/2 Big Cats
                                          Year 3/4 African Landscapes

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celebrating Ben A's Artwork

One day Ben, one of my talented students, informed me that he loves doing Art at home and while he goes on holidays. So I invited him to show me his art work and boy was I impressed. Ben is in Year 4 and he enjoys drawing houses, boats, birds and other subjects. I asked him to write a brief description of his favourite pieces. Thanks Ben, for sharing your artwork.
   I got this drawing out of a book and thought it looked like an English cottage.

I saw a pacific gull fly past the window of the boat. 

                            I missed Wilson (our bird) one day.

                           I wanted to do a 3d drawing.

              If you’re having a bad day one good moment can make your day.

                           My first watercolour.

                            Mum`s favourite.

                                         I copied this from art class.

  I was lying down on the beach and I saw a fishing trawler out at sea.

                                       I tried to make it look rustic. 
            I trust that my fellow bloggers will enjoy Ben's art as much as I do ....