Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warm/Cool People

As we have been learning about the colour wheel this term, the children also explored warm and cool colours.  They had  to choose one or the other and then blend chalk pastels.  They really enjoyed getting their hands dirty, well almost everyone did.  Once their backgrounds were complete, they used Giotto Turbo Maxi markers to draw themselves.  I encouraged lots of detail in their drawings.  Once again the year 1/2 students created wonderful art work.  Well done everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

1/2 Self-Portraits

After spending last session painting backgrounds using water colour ink, the year 1/2 students painted their self-portraits with black paint.  Prior to commencing we looked at the parts of the face and how to paint them effectively.  I was very pleased with the results.  I noticed confidence in their brush strokes and an overall enthusiasm.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preps - Concentric Rings on a large scale

After studying Kandinsky Concentric rings during the last 3 weeks, our clever Preps have undergone their very first painting experience in the art room.  They only used the primary colours.  The main objective was for the children to discover mixing colours on their own.  Well, the results were fantastic.


1/2 Colour Wheel Water Colour Backgrounds

Our focus this term at Essendon North Primary School is colour.  It is a Prep to Year 6 focus.  We are studying the colour wheel and how it works.  We looked at all aspects of the basic principles of the colour wheel.  The students are thoroughly enjoying learning about the colour wheel.  Portraits are also a whole school focus this term as well.  I have done this intentionally.  I think it will make an amazing statement at this year's art show later in the year.

The Year 1/2 students have started a fun activity.  Firstly I squeezed watercolour inks (all colours from the colour wheel).  The students' task was to pick up the inks from their page and paint lots of dots/spots on the page.  The students loved how the colours naturally mixed together.  They look fabulous.  Next week the students will paint their portraits using black paint.  Stay tuned for more pictures....