Sunday, April 29, 2012

Year 6 - Frank Big Bear inspired Portraits

I discovered artist Frank Big Bear from another colleagues' blog. I particularly like how the artist uses surrealism, cubism and his Native American style in his artwork. My year 6 students absolutely loved his artwork.
 Once again I found this wonderful art idea from another blog. Unfortunately I cannot recall who it was. I'm sure you will know who it is if you happened to come across my blog. 
The learning intention for the Year 6 students was to capture Frank Big Bear's style in making sure that the head, eyes, nose and mouth were featured in the portraits. They needed to concentrate on achieving colour value. This was a successful mini project, the only down fall was that it took so long to complete.
Amazing results Year 6, well done!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

All things come to those who wait....

Well, it's finally happened... I shared the art room with Out of School Hours Care. In other words After care. Children used the art room before school and after school and it was total chaos. I have had to accept this situation for many years, now they have moved into our brand new gymnasium. 

The building that I'm in is very old and unattractive, but it has a good feel about it. So I have started transforming the other room into an art studio. I have displayed old murals that I have kept and have even got a Mac Mini attached to my big screen TV.

I still have heaps to do, but at least it's looking like an Art space and not an ugly space. Can't wait to see the expressions on my students' face when they see the new space. I can't wait to have peace and quiet after school where I can actually dedicated some quality time to improving my program.